FREE shipping on all orders over 49.99$ in Quebec and FREE over $89.99 in all of Canada!



Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver all over Canada! Get FREE shipping in Quebec for order over $49.99 and FREE shipping for the rest of Canada on orders over $89.99!

Are you/your products local?

We most certainly are! We’re Laval (Quebec) based - all of our yummy products get shipped from our certified warehouse!

Our products are as local as it gets! As you might know, Quebec is not a big producer of nuts or dried fruits (except cranberries). We source and import directly from a variety of countries which specialize in different items.

Are your products gluten free and is there cross-contamination?

Our warehouse doesn’t carry any traditional flours. We do sell pretzels which do contain gluten but are always handled separately to ensure no cross-contamination.

However, we do not own a gluten-free certification.

Is there cross-contamination (I have an allergy)?

Yes there could be cross contamination. You can however send us an e-mail or leave a note with your order indicating the allergy and we’ll ensure that there is no cross-contamination for your specific order.

We want you to be able to enjoy your Nutterie products with a peace of mind!

How are your prices so competitive?

We import our products directly from the source (our sister company is in import and distribution)! It allows us to cut the many exchanges of hands which increase the price and to be as fresh as possible - always! 

Are your products Kosher?

All raw products are naturally Kosher. For the rest we aren’t currently Kosher certified.

What’s your standard delivery time?

From the day of your order, we prepare your package in 1 business days and ship it the next day. Local deliveries are made with our in-house driver so you can expect them really fast - for the rest, they are sent via our shipping partner Canada Post.

A mistake was made with my order, who can I contact?

We take care of our valued clients. Please contact us and we’ll rectify the mistake immediately.

For all other questions, collaborations and/or media inquires, please contact us by email 

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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