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Discover the world of Nutterie!

Nutterie is a Canadian-born online store offering a variety of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. With a commitment to quality, all of Nutterie’s products are ethically sourced directly from the best worldwide farms, delivered fresh to customers’ tables.

Sister company of Canada Nut, a Canadian importer of nuts, Nutterie was born out of a desire to offer customers the freshest possible products at a reasonable price. Typically, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are shipped to different retailers where the products can sit on shelves for months before being purchased. Moreover, these products frequently bear substantial mark-ups due to intermediaries and retail overhead costs. With Nutterie, the focus shifts towards creating a more direct and efficient supply chain. By eliminating the middleman and shipping directly from sources to customers' doorsteps, the company ensures the delivery of the freshest possible products, at a better price.

With roots in Canada Nut's established relationships, Nutterie forges direct ties with farmers. These connections, nurtured over generations since the 1980s, guarantee the highest quality products. Yearly visits and rigorous quality assurance audits further solidify these relationships, ensuring ethical sourcing and outstanding standards upheld by both companies.
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