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5 à 7 Mix

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Introducing the 5 à 7 Mix – a curated blend designed to elevate your evenings with a sophisticated medley of flavours and textures. Crafted for the discerning palate, this mix seamlessly combines classic favorites with indulgent twists, making it the perfect companion for your 5 à 7 gatherings, whether it's happy hour, a casual get-together, or a cozy night in.

🌰 The Perfect Harmony of Ingredients:

- Mini Pretzels: Crisp and salty, these mini pretzels provide the ideal foundation for a satisfying crunch in every bite.

- Mini Corn and Flax Seed Chips: A wholesome blend of organic corn and flax seeds, these mini chips offer a nutty crunch that adds a touch of sophistication to the mix.

- Roasted Pistachios (salted): Indulge in the rich, buttery flavor of salted, roasted pistachios, adding a touch of luxury to your snacking experience.

- Maple Candied Pecans: Elevate your palate with the sweet sophistication of maple candied pecans, a delightful contrast to the savory and salty elements in the mix.

- Roasted Salted Corn: Enjoy the simple pleasure of roasted, salted corn kernels that provide a savory crunch, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

- Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds: Luxurious dark chocolate-covered almonds add a touch of decadence, creating a harmonious blend of sweet and savory.

- Sesame Sticks: Golden and crispy, sesame sticks bring a unique texture and a hint of nuttiness, rounding out the diverse array of flavors in this mix.

🌟 Key Features:

- Sophisticated Flavor Profile: The 5 à 7 Mix is a carefully curated blend that strikes a balance between savoury, sweet, and indulgent notes, ensuring a memorable snacking experience.

- Premium Ingredients: We source the finest ingredients to deliver a mix that meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

- Versatile Pairing: Perfectly suited for your 5 à 7 gatherings, this mix pairs seamlessly with your favorite beverages, from craft cocktails to fine wines.

- Elevate Every Occasion: Whether you're hosting a soirée, relaxing with friends, or unwinding after a long day, the 5 à 7 Mix adds a touch of sophistication to your moments of indulgence.

🍸 How to Enjoy:

Serve the 5 à 7 Mix in elegant bowls during your gatherings, creating a stylish and delicious centerpiece for your social hours. Pair it with your favorite drinks, and let the conversation flow as you savour the exquisite combination of flavours and textures.

Transform your evenings with the 5 à 7 Mix – a gourmet snacking experience that brings sophistication to every moment. Elevate your gatherings and delight in the art of indulgence with this carefully crafted blend.