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Picnic (Organic) - Platter

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1 kg

Introducing the Picnic (Organic) Platter – your perfect companion for outdoor adventures! This delightful collection features:
  • Organic Natural Almonds
  • Organic Pistachios (roasted and salted)
  • Organic Holistika Mix
  • Organic Apricots
Ideal for a variety of occasions, the Picnic Platter adds a touch of health and flavor to your beach day, complements your hiking snacks, or serves as a refreshing treat during a weekend camping trip. It's also perfect for packing in your travel bag, sharing at family barbecues, or enjoying during a relaxing afternoon in the park.

Enjoy the wholesome, delicious flavors of the Picnic (Organic) Platter and make every outing a tasty delight!