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WiseEats Box

- $8.45
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  • $88.44

1 kg

WiseEats's discovery box gathers a mix of Nutterie's healthy yet indulgent goodies! Like Marta likes to say it ''healthy with a side of fries'' - in our case, it's healthy with a side of snacks.


- Pitted Whole Dates
- Organic Chia Seeds
- Organic Oats
- BBQ corn
- Deluxe mix (salted)
- California mix

All of our bags are always of 1KG. Enjoy this box of wholesome Nutterie goods that's pre-built for you with an already applied 10% than buying all the goods separately.

Be confident in your choices knowing that our organic products are oil-free, GMO-free, sulphite-free and additives-free (except when you choose a salted option). 💚