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Home made almond milk

Have you ever wondered what home made almond milk would taste like? Well.. it's incredibly delicious and CLEAN! No fillers, no gum or preservatives.

Keep it in the fridge for 4 days and enjoy in your coffee, cereals, while you cook or simply drink it! PS: it's also kid approved! 

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- 3 cups water
- 1 cup skinless almonds
- Dash of Himalayan salt


- 1/2 ts. vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean (the inside part only) 


- 1 ts. of organic honey


- 1-2 pitted dates 


- Soak your almonds in boiling water for a minimum of 2 hours (optional if you believe your blender might lack power)

- Place all ingredients in blender. Start from low to high speed
- Strain the milk in an almond milk strainer bag
- Pour into a storage container, refrigerate and enjoy


And voilà! Simple and delicious! 
It's your turn to try it! 

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