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Nutterie Unveiled: A Conversation with Co-founder Mariela Katz

mariela katz nutterie founder interview

In this exclusive interview with Mariela Katz, co-founder of Nutterie, we unravel the story behind the nut-infused delights that have become a culinary sensation in Quebec. In this discussion, we explore Mariela's journey into the nut business, her passion for the culinary arts, and the driving force behind Nutterie's success.

Mariela Katz, a name synonymous with innovation, blends creativity and expertise to redefine the nuts landscape. Our conversation offers a glimpse into the entrepreneur behind the brand, showcasing Mariela's commitment to customer service, digital and food innovation and quality!

Discover the milestones that shaped Mariela's passion for nuts and the entrepreneurial spirit that led to Nutterie's establishment. Gain insight into the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines Mariela's approach.

Q: The Nutty Genesis: What inspired you to venture into the world of nuts and establish Nutterie as we know you previously as a marketing agency owner? Tell us more about how it all happened.

It all began a few years ago when I met my now husband and got to learn about his business. He owns Nutterie's sister company Canada Nut which imports over 600 food items into the country and I got to taste the difference that freshness really brings to the table. As they are the first in the country to receive to goods (to later resell them), I always knew that there was an opportunity to create a company which sells directly to consumers.

Now.. before all that happened. I owned a marketing agency for several years and was very involved in the entrepreneurship and marketing space in the city. I was truly in love with the clients I had and my team - we did great work. I had been in that industry for over 10 years, the agency was running smooth and my passion for food was slowly taking over, that's when I decided to sell my agency and start a new business (Nutterie).

And that's how my second business baby was born. I launched Nutterie in the beginning of 2023 and never looked back. I still get to do a lot of marketing through the brand which fuels that passion of mine enough! 

Today, as we're ending the year and I look back on this incredible start, I'm so proud of everything we've achieved and look forward to what's next!

Q: Entrepreneurial Journey: Can you walk us through the key milestones and challenges that shaped Nutterie into the success it is today?

I think we're still really early on our business journey with Nutterie but I can definitely speak about the challenges of making a name for yourself when you start a new brand that no one knows. 

Building a brand and getting recognition for it takes time and luckily I knew that from all my agency experience - so I had patience and I knew that I had to layer good foundation pillars.

I was very hands on (and still am) and got involved in every single process from the branding, website, packaging, product development and much more! I live and breathe the brand which I truly believe makes it what it is!

Q: Creative Process: How do you approach the creation of unique flavours in your new mixes, and what role does innovation play in your product development?

I'm so happy that you ask because we just launched 5 new (INCREDIBLE) mixes last week! I created all the recipes and names which I found tie in very well to each blend and to the Nutterie brand.

I try to approach all my creations with a 'need' mindset and often I create for that 'need' that I personally have as a consumer.

For example, I created the 5 à 7 mix and the Party Goddess mix because I needed exceptional mixes that my guests would love when I host.. something that has a crunch, a bit of saltiness and a bit of sweetness.

The Holistika mix was inspired by recent trip to Tulum and it features an all organic selection of nuts that will wow every healthy bite.

I also really wanted to have a mix that carried the Nutterie name (the Nutterie mix) which meant that it had to combine the best of what we do: nuts, dried fruits and seeds! I definitely recommend it because the dried figs blended with the rest of the nuts and seeds truly create an exceptional snacking experience.

Last but not least, the Posh mix was my personal interpretation of a luxurious blend that you can wow with! Host with it, gift it or personally enjoy by yourself... it's self care at its bestest!

Q: Quality Matters: In a market saturated with options, how do you maintain a commitment to quality in Nutterie's offerings?

It all starts with the fostering of relationships with farmers from all over the world. We combine our knowledge with their hands-on expertise, sample everything and have strong quality control standards. That's the base - them there there is the passion we pour in, the creativity and love that we carry on the day-to-day.

Did you know that we never pre-pack our bags? Each Nutterie bag is bagged specifically for that given client's order. It's our promise to freshness and to our clients. It's something I'm personally very proud of and that makes a difference between our products and the rest.

Q: Nuts and Beyond: Beyond your love for nuts, how do you see Nutterie contributing to the broader food industry and culinary landscape?

For me, it's as simple as: Good quality nuts, dried fruits and seeds are good business for everybody. If I'm able to provide premium quality for better prices to more people.. well they can create better recipes, snack better.. 

Q: Lessons Learned: What are some valuable lessons you've learned along the way, and how have they shaped your approach to entrepreneurship?

It's something I learned very early on in my entrepreneurship journey and it's to walk through every open door. I love saying yes to opportunities and trying new things.

Q: Personal Favorites: Among Nutterie's products, do you have a or a few personal favorite(s), and what makes it/them special to you?

Oh of course! Here's my little must have list and why:

Organic almonds: I swear by organic almonds with their incredible crunch and thin skin, they are so worth it! 

Organic dried figs: As all of our organic products, they are FREE of everything bad. In figs, that also means no sulphites which makes a huge difference in the flavour which I love and highly stand by.

Dark chocolate almonds: The title says it all..haha!

Raw moments discovery box: It's the essential for all raw nuts and seeds. If you had to get 1 discovery box, it's that one.. as it's the pillar of your pantry! 

Almond Nut Milk Box: I love making my own almond milk at home.. if you are like me - buy bulk and save! PS: I also made sure that there is an organic version too! 

Roasted and salted cashews: The creamy yet slightly salty crunch is so satisfying! We always chose premium big cashews so they are really something else!

5 à 7 mix: My new hosting best friend. It's as simple as that!

Q: Future Vision: What exciting plans and innovations can we expect from Nutterie in the near future?

I'm more of a doer than a talker but I can say that we're planning to continue our growth in some very exciting ways! If you want to be the first to know, make sure you subscribe to the Nutterie newsletter!

Q: Connecting With You: How can people connect with you?

I love chatting with clients, heard ideas and feedback! You can DM us on Instagram @itsnutterie or send me a direct e-mail: